About us

“Ciatu” is a Sicilian word that literally means “breath”.

The brand “Ciatu” stands for Sicily, it’s its souls , its breath.

Ciatu comes from the idea of Andrea Spatola who, moved by passion for his own land, decides to promote and enhance the cultural heritage of Sicily through the creation of unique cosmetic and perfumery products that create an exclusive sensory journey recalling the smells, the colors, the passions, the sobriety, the excesses and the mysteries of Sicily ,whose beauty is enclosed in the strength of its contrasts.

All the luxurious products of the brand Ciatu are entirely hand-made by Sicilian artisans ,using raw materials such as olive oil and millefiori honey , natural, biological and produced in Sicily.

The exquisite cosmetic collection of brand Ciatu is scented with natural and autochthonous Sicilian essences, such as: orange, lemon, almond, orange; it is not tested on animals and its production is done strictly in the respect of the environment.

The main ingredient in Ciatu’s cosmetic line is the olive oil rich in vitamins A ,E and D which has a high nourishing, emollient and antioxidant power.

The elegant packaging that keeps Ciatu products is an expression of high design and characterized by beautiful illustrations made exclusively for Ciatu by Sicilian artists who portray in an original way ,archaeological finds and art works belonging to the cultural heritage of Sicily.

The latter are accompanied by accurate captions that tell their story so that everyone can learn, through Ciatu, the magnificence of these works left as a gift from the many peoples who ruled the Island (Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spanish) and the greatness of the whole of Sicily, becoming “sacred keepers” of it.