Catania / Eau de Parfum



In Medina-elfil, the elephant city, as Arabs called it, it’s time for flowers to bloom. Their scent softly embraces your senses, among the black and spicy notes of Styrax and the bright, fresh presence of lavander. It’s a game of constrasts. The volcano and the sea, fire and water compete for this land of sciara[1]. The intensity of the top notes turns into the warm colours of tobacco, with its bold, musky, seductive behaviour, and to those of cardamomomore spicy and fiery: both of them recall the volcano and embody its vital warmth. In this dance of opposites, smoothness is delivered by jasmin, sweet and sensual, embraced by the balsamic and magnetic fragrance of benzoin. The very antique notes of amber bloom sweetened by vanilla. Sensuality rejoices within the triumph of the deep powdery notes of the tonka bean and the explosivity of leather, made lingering by thevanilla flavoured warmth of Tolu balsam.

[1] Sicilian term used in the Etnean area to indicate the Volcanic slag gathered by the lava flow


Size 100 ml

Top notes: Styrax – Spicy notes – Lavender

Middle notes: Tobacco – Cardamom – Jasmine – Benzoin

Base notes: Vanilla – Amber – Tonka bean – Leather – Balsam tolu

alcohol denat.,parfum (fragance), alpha-isomethil ionone, farnesol, isoeugenol, limonene, cinnamyl alcohol, benzyl cinnammate, cinnamal, benzyl alcohol, eugenol.

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