The Ciatu brand is synonymous with Sicily, it is its soul, its breath.

Fragrances and luxurious cosmetic products entirely handmade.

The brand

Ciatu is a precious word for the Sicilian vulgate. It litterally means “breath”, but the extended meaning refers to the soul, it goes to the hearth of the existance itself.

Ciatu is the breath that turns on all our senses. Ignition of our sensory connection, it opens the rooms of memory and releases the access to the pictures it contains.

The founder, Andrea Spatola, like any good Sicilian, is well aware of this passionate and sensual soul of his motherland, therefore he followed an intuition which spread before him the stories of men, divinities and heroes, real and mythical places, melting point of populations, smells and tastes, he gives it breath, he gives it Ciatu, by creating a brand dedicated to the production of perfumes with unique scents, a nutshell of the complexity and prosperity of Sicily.

The flavour of lemon, of orange and bergamot harmoniously blends with the notes of orange blossoms, jasmine and lavender.

But still, warmer notes of sandal wood, vetiver, leather, tobacco. And furthermore the herbal notes of rosemary, of cypress, of basil, just to name a few. A real olfactory journey across the contorted and colorful paths of this land and of its millenary culture, so magic and controversial that, also in the fragrances, we feel the echo of the strenght of its contrasts : Etna and the sea, fire and water, blossoming nature and asperity, humans and gods.

Perfume Bronth brand

Every fragrance composing the collection by the brand Ciatu comes from natural local essences, none of which is tested on animals and the production is rigorously respecting environment.

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The raw materials are those of the the island itself and of the cultural incursions that marked it out.

Each detail of the packaging, from shapes to materials, from images to colours, is designed to create a whole sensioral and visual unique experience, captioning the essence and beauty of Sicily. Ciatu brings us to the hearth of the island, among Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabians, Normans : all of them left a mark with extraordinary artworks, finest mosaics, monuments, frescoes and incredible sculptures. A world’s unique heritage. The elegance of the font chosen, reminds of the calligraphic art of the island, blending sophistication and tradition.

Unsurprisingly, Ciatu was awarded with honorable mention price in the packaging competition of the International Design Awards in 2014.
Ciatu is a brand that matches the sensual and vibrant soul of Sicily. Ciatu is the breath of the island.

‹L’Italia senza la Sicilia non lascia immagine alcuna nello spirito. Qui è la chiave di ogni cosa.›

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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